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Broadband Internet with Motorola Canopy

MooseBytes is Offering State-of-the-Art Wireless Broadband Internet Using the Canopy™ System from Motorola.

What is Motorola Canopy™?

Designed from the ground up to provide wireless networks from 1000 feet to 25 miles, Motorola Canopy™ is the leading edge technology for high-speed, wireless Internet access. It is a proprietary technology, making it one of the most robust and secure wireless technologies on the market. How secure is it? The US government uses Motorola Canopy™ equipment in military and disaster recovery deployments. It is both secure and reliable.

Motorola Canopy™ is not Wi-Fi, it does not succumb to interference from common consumer electronics and appliances. It is not 802.11 wireless. Motorola Canopy™ is designed for long distance high-speed Internet Access. 802.11, 2.4GHz, or Wi-Fi by any other name, is designed for 10 to 1000 feet only.

How secure is Motorola Canopy™?

The MooseBytes Wireless Broadband Internet system fully utilizes the Motorola Canopy™ system for its infrastructure. The Canopy™ system supports over-the-air DES encryption. DES is much stronger then typical WEP encryption used by Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz gear. There is no performance degradation to the Canopy™ system when over the air encryption is engaged. 802.11 products operate in the same spectral territory as the Canopy™ system, but there is no significant interference because the Canopy™ system's FM capture mechanism rejects almost all interfering signals.

Can my signal be intercepted?

- Unlike analog telephone transmissions, digital transmissions of Internet traffic are much more difficult to intercept because of the complex cryptology associated with the technology.

- Like other Internet applications such as secure email or web browsing, users can employ many security applications which prevent eavesdropping on transmissions - whether such security applications are installed on the last-mile link to the user's house or elsewhere in the Internet.

- The Canopy™ system provides an over-the-air encryption, which cryptographically scrambles the data bits, preventing anyone "listening" to the airwaves from deciphering any messages.

In fact, our system's over-the-air link may be the most secure leg of the typical user's Internet connection. Canopy™ is so secure that it is sold into the public safety market and the Federal Government as an overlay for disaster and terrorist response networks.

Is it safe enough so I can connect to my company?

MooseBytes network is completely transparent to your corporate VPN. The Canopy™ system acts as a 'bridge' and passes all VPN protocols. However, it does not have any built-in VPN capability of its own. If your application requires a VPN, you can use our network but you will still need your specific VPN solution as well. For additional Security Questions please contact us at your convenience.

About Motorola Canopy Technology

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