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MooseBytes Broadband Internet FAQs

We Have put Together a List of Frequently
Asked Questions to Better Serve You.

Is this a Satellite Internet Service?

No, we do not use satellite technology. MooseBytes Broadband Internet provides an ultra fast high-speed broadband connection using Motorola Canopy™ technology. This superior equipment is placed on towers and relay points in the area which directs a signal to a subscriber module we would install on your home/office to provide you with a lightning fast connection. Because we don't use satellite technology, your experience of latency issues, or slow page loads, will be very low. Most pages will load instantly with the 3Mbps Burstable speed provided with every package available.

Will you restrict my monthly bandwidth usage?

Many satellite provides restrict the monthly usage of their customers. MooseBytes does not place a cap on the amount of bandwidth a customer has available in any given period of time. However, if an overwhelming amount of continuous streaming is observed that is creating a disturbance on the network, the respective customer would be contacted to further investigate the situation.

Will I have issues with snow collecting on the dish in the winter?

The Motorola Canopy™ dish that may be used to receive a signal at your home or office is specifically designed with a downward angle minimizing the need to clear snow from the equipment.

Is your service WIFI?

WIFI is a type of technology originally designed for indoor usage and is not used on the MooseBytes network. MooseBytes Priest Lake Broadband Internet uses Motorola's outdoor rated Superior Canopy™ technology. It is designed to go further distances with a stronger, more solid signal. See Product Info for more information about Motorola Canopy™.

What do I need to provide during installation of service?

For a typical install you will need an available outlet to provide power to our equipment and a computer or laptop. That's all. A router (though recommended) and/or a modem are not necessary to connect to the Internet through MooseBytes. Occasionally additional equipment is required for unique installations at which time the customer would be notified during the site survey.

Why is it a good idea to purchase a router?

A router will not only allow multiple connections to the Internet within your home, it also provides an inexpensive level of security for your internal network. Make sure to reset the password and establish appropriate settings for your router when you setup your internal network to ensure you are receiving the desired security. Also make sure to keep your router's manual close by to reference if you need to reset the password or make any additional changes.

What type of router do you recommend?

A router is not necessary to connect to the Internet with our service but if you choose to purchase one we recommend a Linksys Router Model WRT54G. This is only a recommendation; your local computer store will be able to assist you with the most appropriate purchase for your situation.

How long does an installation of service take?

An installation of MooseBytes Internet at a residential location usually averages at approximately 3 hours. A commercial install takes approximately 4-5 hours. This is an estimation as each individual's location is unique and may require additional time and/or equipment.

Does MooseBytes service require a direct line of sight to a tower?

MooseBytes Broadband Internet usually does require a direct line of sight to either a tower or relay point in the Priest Lake area. A customer service representative will verify your location in a topographical system and go over some questions with you prior to scheduling installation of service. At the time of installation, we always perform a signal test ensuring a good signal has been received prior to installing our equipment at your location.

What type of equipment is installed?

During a typical installation of service a Motorola Canopy™ dish and Subscriber Module are installed somewhere on your home/office or within 300 feet. Cat5e cable is run from our equipment to one location in your home of your choosing. We then install a surge suppressor and Power over Ethernet cable. From that point, we can either connect directly to the back of your computer or to a router (recommended).

Do I have to pay for the equipment installed?

MooseBytes will retain ownership of all equipment installed at your home or office. This will allow us to make any necessary upgrades or maintenance calls on the equipment installed at your home/office with no additional charge to you. If a router or any other additional equipment is installed at the time of installation of our service, this will be an additional fee. You would retain ownership of any additional equipment installed and be fully responsible for any future maintenance of such equipment.

Does VoIP work with MooseBytes Internet service?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a phone line that works over a Broadband Internet connection. MooseBytes service is a very fast Broadband Internet connection which supports the use of VoIP. There are many VoIP companies providing different levels of service depending on your needs. Check out for more information on the different VoIP services available.

How does your service compare to a dial-up connection?

With a MooseBytes Broadband Internet Connection you will experience speeds around 100 times faster then a dial-up connection. You will regular browse and surf the web at a burstable rate of 3Mbps with a variety of large file transfer speeds available to meet your needs. See our Regular or Seasonal Price Packages for a description of available large file transfer speed options.

Will I be able to VPN to my work?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is supported on the MooseBytes Broadband Internet Network. Many of our current subscribers work from home successfully using a VPN connection.

Can I hook up more than one computer?

With a MooseBytes Broadband Internet connection you can hook up as many computers to the Internet in your internal network as you heart desires. Many of our subscribers have multiple computers and/or laptops. Just remember that all computers will be sharing the available bandwidth accompanied by the service package you have chosen.

Will your service be wireless throughout my home?

MooseBytes Broadband Internet provides service to your location via a wireless connection from a tower in the area to a dish installed on your home or office. From that point it is hard wired into one location of your home. If you desire to have wireless Internet throughout your home/office you can purchase a wireless router (recommended model Linksys WRT45G) to transmit the signal wirelessly throughout your location.

How does it work and how do I get started?

There are many "access points" located on various mountain tops all around Priest Lake and the outlying areas. A MooseBytes Installation technician will first visit your home to ensure that a radio mounted on your home can link with one of the MooseBytes "access points". It may be necessary for our technicians to test from your roof, weather permitting.

If we are able to link with one of the access points we can move forward with an installation. Contact a customer service representative for additional information or to schedule a site survey/install.

Questions about our Product

For information about MooseBytes Broadband Internet provided using the superior Motorola Canopy™ technology please visit Product Information.